Nampa-Tsi Lodge

A message to Parents

Ordeal Candidates

The induction ceremony, called the Ordeal, is the first step toward full membership in the Order of the Arrow. During the experience, candidates maintain silence, receive small amounts of food, work on camp improvement projects, and sleep apart from other campers. The entire experience is designed to teach significant values. All candidates for membership must complete the Ordeal.

All candidates should bring:

Brotherhood Candidates

After ten months of service as an Ordeal member and fulfilling certain requirements, a member may take part in the Brotherhood ceremony, which places further emphasis on the ideals of Scouting and the Order of the Arrow. Completion of this ceremony signifies full membership in the Order of the Arrow.

The Ordeal Experience

The Ordeal is a journey within your own character. Candidates will bring something different out of their Ordeal, as it is intended to be a time of reflection. It is upon this journey that a candidate comes to a deeper understanding of each the Scout Oath, Scout Law, and the principles of the Order of the Arrow. Reflection on your own Scout life and character help create this understanding. The Ordeal includes four principle elements including: night apart from others, pledge of silence, arduous labor, and scant food.

As a whole, these four elements of the Ordeal provide a meaningful and inspiring experience for the candidate. They allow the total participation of the mind and spirit. However, the four elements of the Ordeal are only one step in the induction sequence.